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“Azure Application Insights for VBA” is a simple VBA Class Module and a small agent application (that you don’t need to install). It sends the telemetry data from your VBA project to Application Insights that is part of the Microsoft Azure platform.

You don’t need to run any setups or installation files on a user machines, just include this little VBA Class Module (clsAI.cls) to your Excel workbook VBA and send the events to Azure.

This VBA class module will automatically download the small agent application and take care of everything. You only need to give it the Instrumentation Key, so that it knows where to send the data, and call the functions in this VBA class module.

If that sounds complicated or difficult do not worry, it’s very simple and easy. I will guide you step by step.

Application Insights is having a free tier that is allowing us to receive and process up to 5GB of telemetry data every month for free. And that is more than enough to track our VBA projects (Excel, Access, Word, Powerpoint,…) .

3 Steps to enable tracking of your VBA project with Microsoft Azure

Step 1 – Setup the Microsoft Azure – Application Insights

You will need a free account on the Microsoft Azure platform where we will create a new Application Insights resource that will receive and process the data that we will send from our VBA projects (Excel, Access, Word, Powerpoint,…).

For more details on how to create a free account on Microsoft Azure and how to create our first Application Insights resource click here.

Step 2 – Setup your Excel Workbook

We will need to import 1 Class Module to our VBA project and insert 3 lines of VBA code to send the data to Microsoft Azure – Application Insights resource.

For more details on how to setup your Excel Workbook to send the telemetry data to Microsoft Azure – Application Insights resource click here.

Step 3 – Send the telemetry data from VBA to Azure

For more details on how to Send your first telemetry data to Azure Application Insights resource from VBA click here.

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