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How to Setup the Microsoft Azure – Application Insights resource

You can follow the instructions in video format, or scroll down to follow the instructions in a detailed step-by-step text article.

Video: How to Create a Free Microsoft Azure Account – Azure Application Insights for VBA – Step 01

Video: How to create a new Azure Application Insights resource – Application Insights for VBA – Step 02

To track usage & performance of your VBA projects (Excel, Access, Word, Powerpoint,…) we will use the Application Insights resource that you can get with the FREE Microsoft Azure account.

  1. If you don’t have a Microsoft Azure account go to azure.microsoft.com  and create a new free account.
  2. Now that you have your Azure account, log in to your portal.azure.com account.
  3. In the search bar type: Application Insights
  4.  Click on Application Insights
  5. Click on +Add
  6. Create a new Resource group, for example: “MyResource”
  7. Give a unique Name for your Application Insights resource, for example: “My_Excel_Workbook”
  8. Choose a Region that is close to you and your users, for example, I’m in Europe so I will choose “(Europe) West Europe”
  9. We don’t need Tags, so we can click on “Review + create”
  10. If everything is ok, we should get the “Validation passed” message. Then click on “Create”
  11. After a few moments, your Application Insights resource should be created.
  12. Now type again in the search bar “Application Insights” and when you click on the “Application Insights” you should see your resource, with your name, created. Click on it.
  13. On the Overview tab, in the right top corner, there should be a label called “Instrumentation Key”
  14. Copy this “Instrumentation Key”, because we will need it in our VBA code to tell the VBA class where to send our telemetry data.


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