I first started using VBA Telemetry when I was designing a rather complex project management platform for oil and gas well site supervision in Excel and VBA. Along with direct input and feedback from my colleagues, I needed better visibility to several aspects of the program that included error and utilization metrics.

I needed to find a way to gain access to complete, accurate, and real-time data without burdening my clients and colleagues with additional responsibilities.

Upon searching, I discovered VBA Telemetry on LinkedIn, and it seemed to do exactly what I needed.

Using a free version I was able to confirm that it was a good solution for my requirements.

As a new customer experimenting with VBA Telemetry for the first time, I had a couple questions and sent some emails asking for assistance. I was pleasantly surprised when my emails were responded to almost immediately with very detailed responses.

After confirming the capabilities of VBA Telemetry and being very happy with the technical support, I purchased and inserted the necessary VBA code throughout my project files to allow me to track all the data I needed.

The following is a brief list of the benefits VBA Telemetry provided:

1. Tracking VBA errors – real-time notification and documenting of errors. No longer did our beta-testers need to hand-record errors, make screenshots, or send emails and text messages to the principal developer to communicate errors or bugs they discovered. This removed most of the burdens of reporting errors, and data collection became 100% complete and accurate as well. Another benefit was that we didn’t experience a single situation such as ‘oops, I forgot to tell you that such and such gave me an error’. The added cost and frustration of not obtaining complete and accurate real-time reporting was avoided entirely.

2. Tracking utilization of specific features and functions – VBA Telemetry allowed us to also track how often certain parts of the Excel workbook were accessed, what tools and utilities were most popular, and objectively determine what aspects of our program were delivering the most value.

3. Track utilization by user and location – we used an input cell within each workbook to record the user’s name. Within the VBA code, this information was appended to the data being sent to Azure Insights. This additional information was useful for tracking who was actively using the files.

As a result of my experience, I can confidently recommend VBA Telemetry as a highly useful tool that provides exceptional value to Excel and VBA developers. I fully intend on using VBA Telemetry for more projects in the future.

Dave Sheppard, Azura Consulting

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